Porodo 3D Curved Edge Glass


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  • With the new, slightly black tinted, glass screen protector the iPhone XS Max ensures the privacy of its user stays safe. This is especially a great feature for those who are sick of people that stare at their mobile phones while they use it. The iPhone XS Max Privacy Screen Protector offers full privacy and allows you to use your mobile phone anywhere, around anyone without risking your privacy.
  • The iPhone XS Max Privacy screen protector is made from high-quality tempered glass that not only ensures the user’s privacy but does not affect in any way the clarity of the screen or its responsiveness. This glass protector provides the best experience to the user and unlike many other, in the market, this protector is super sensitive to touch. NOTE: The privacy screen protector has a black tint so that only the one right in front can see the info on the screen.

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